Scandium is free!

Yes, really! You can create as many projects and add as many people as you want with your free account. For super users, teams, and enterprises, we’ve got something more for you.



For individuals or teams looking to optimize their test automation process.



For businesses that need more coverage, frequent testing and scale collaboration.



For organizations that need unlimited resources and controls.

Features Free Forever Premium Enterprise
Users per Organization
Test Cases
Local Executions
Monthly Remote Runs
50 per month
500 per month
Serial Execution
Parallel Executions
Scandium Cloud Runner
CI/CD Integrations
Self-help (Documentation)
Data Retention
15 days
60 days
365 days
Api Testing
Email Testing
Live Support
Dedicated CSM
Mobile App Test Runs
200mins per month
Turbo mode for faster executions
Activity Audit Logs
Web Accessibility Testing
Got Questions?

Browse through some of our frequently asked questions

What is Scandium?

Scandium is a no-code automation software testing tool designed to streamline and enhance the software testing process. It allows users to create and execute automated test scripts without the need for extensive coding skills, enabling efficient and comprehensive testing of software applications.

How does Scandium work?

Scandium utilises a user-friendly visual interface that allows users to design and customise automated test scripts by interacting with the testing components on their products. These components cover a wide range of testing scenarios, such as UI interactions, data validation, and integration testing. Users can define test conditions, scenarios, and expected outcomes using the intuitive interface.

Do I need coding skills to use Scandium?

No, Scandium is a no-code automation tool, which means you do not need advanced coding skills to create and execute automated test scripts. The visual interface simplifies the process of designing tests, making it accessible to both technical and non-technical users.

What types of tests can I automate with Scandium?

Scandium supports various types of tests, including regression testing, UI testing, integration testing, data-driven testing, and more. You can automate tests that cover user interactions, system integrations, data validation, and other critical aspects of software functionality.

Can I integrate Scandium with my existing testing tools and processes?

Yes, Scandium is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing testing tools and processes. It can be integrated into continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, allowing you to automate testing as part of your software development lifecycle.

How reliable are the automated tests created with Scandium?

Automated tests created with Scandium are reliable and consistent. The tool ensures that the same test scenarios are executed repeatedly, minimising the chances of human error. By following best practices and maintaining your test scripts, you can achieve high levels of test reliability.

Does Scandium support cross-browser testing?

Yes, Scandium supports cross-browser testing. You can create automated test scripts that simulate user interactions across different web browsers, ensuring your software performs consistently across various browser environments.

What kind of support and resources are available for Scandium users?

Scandium offers comprehensive support, including documentation, tutorials, and customer assistance. The official website provides resources to help you get started, troubleshoot issues, and maximise the tool's capabilities.

Is Scandium suitable for both small projects and large-scale applications?

Yes, Scandium is scalable and can be used for projects of varying sizes. Whether you are working on a small project or a complex, large-scale application, Scandium can help automate and streamline your testing process.