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Why Scandium

No programming experience, No problem running test cases

Create and run tests on Scandium even with no coding experience.

Save 15x the time you spend on testing

Eliminate the stress and time invested in writing test scripts. Use Scandium's record and playback to deliver accurate results with accelerated speed.

Collaborate with your team members to work on projects

Onboard your team members on projects as you work together to deliver high quality products.

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Create excellence with awesome features

Take advantage of our awesome features to increase your productivity and deliver amazing products.

Scenario Recording

Record your interactions with your product as test cases that can be repeatedly executed.

Local Test Runs

Run test cases locally on your browser after recording your test scenarios.

Remote Executions

Schedule your tests to run at any desired period on multiple environments and devices.

Test Management

Manage your test cases and refer to them easily with our sophisticated test management system.


Get detailed and comprehensive reports for every test you run on Scandium.

Email Testing

Do you need to click a link in email or extract OTP delivered to a mail? No problem.

Cross Browser

Conduct testing across different browsers environments using Scandium.

CI/CD Integration

Integrate Scandium into your CI/CD pipelines. Supports GitHub Actions, CircleCI, Jenkins etc.

Use Cases

Simple Solution for Complex Automations

We enable an easy-to-understand testing process with no complex setup.

We create solutions and happy endings

Increased Productivity

Take advantage of our simple user experience to automate robust processes.


High Efficiency

Collaborate with your team members and stakeholders to bring out the best in your projects.


Guaranteed Growth

Save time and money spent on traditional testing practices as you watch your project grow.

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